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Greenhouse Lifestyle Session | Makeup By SAC | Andersons Home and Garden Showplace

I met Sara at a Styled shoot for The Mint Sweater. We had an amazing floral-themed lifestyle session to showcase her makeup business.

With living in the Hampton Roads area, we know it has been a very WET season. It was completely overcast and rainy on the day we met. We decided to do something different. Since Sara loves flowers, she came up with the idea to have her photo session in the greenhouse at Anderson's Home and Garden Showplace in Newport news.

Such a great idea returned such magical results! Beautifully diffused natural lighting filled the space from above as the rain softly hit the roof of the greenhouse. It was the perfect scenario, and the weather even cleared for a few minutes for some outdoor shots!

Sara has been part of the wedding makeup industry since 2015. She believes that doing what you're passionate about makes the world a better place. Her desire is to use makeup to accentuate the beauty on the outside while affirming the beauty on the inside. She is absolutely amazing! And we had such a great time hanging out this day!

Connect with sara everywhere!

Website: www.makeupbysac.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Makeupbysac

Instagram: @makeupbysac

"I want this beautiful art I'm pursuing to be used for a purpose. I want to see women empowered, encouraged and excited about who they are in their individuality." -Sara

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