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Hampton University Graduate Session | Julian + Amanda, DPT

Graduation is a time of accomplishment and anticipation of getting out there and showing the world what you've learned! In this case, these two are celebrating their upcoming Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees! I love working with college grads! So when Julian's mom, Helen, contacted me to take doctoral graduation portraits of him and his girlfriend, Amanda, I knew it would be an amazing time! I got to spend the day with them on the campus of Hampton University. We celebrated a major milestone in the lives of two people who are also connected by a special bond. Can we say #powercouple?!

I can't forget to mention that it was a family affair!! Julian's mother, Helen, his brother, Ryan, are both #HU grads too! We had to get a legacy shot by the infamous Hampton University sign!

Thank you again, Julian, Amanda, Helen and Ryan for such a great shoot! Here’s another big congratulations for all your accomplishments and what's to come!!

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